Sailing with a Beach Chair

On-The-Water Campaigns

Beach Side Adevertising
Hobie Cat Coastal Racer Billboard

Show-case the intensity of your brand with the smallest and fastest of the sailing fleet. Your company's branded Hobie and it's two-person crew have the ability to advertise close to shore and move with ease over a vast geographical area.

Beach Side Adevertising
Monohull Sailing Yacht Billboard
Capture attention and create your brand's lasting impression with a 40' sailing yacht while it moves slowly and steadily down the waterfront. Like its own floating city, this vessel is able to travel long distances to reach specific audiences in specific areas.
Beach Side Adevertising
Catamaran Sailing Billboard


Define your brand with the largest and most luxurious sailing yacht in the fleet. With over 900 square feet of sail area, your brand's message is seen near and far. With a cockpit large enough to host 15 people, invite your corporate contacts aboard for a day of sailing and enjoy the pleasures of being on the water.